ACSG Corp Suggests SCADA System Security Tips; Proves Industrial Network Security Differs From IT

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Industrial networks work with massive data sets that are responsible for the smooth functioning of an entire setup. One system that controls an entire industry’s function and operation in an automated manner is, SCADA. This system is called Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and controls all equipment and devices of an industry under a regularized environment. It is a combined infrastructure of software and hardware components that supports units like power plants, telecommunications, oil & gas refinery, etc.

Considering the critical role of SCADA in an Industrial Control System or ICS, their networks require better security measures than that of an IT setup. Since these systems control and collect data that operates an entire industry, cyber security threats are common.

SCADA Security Measures

ACSG Corp has studied industrial network as well as IT networks. Considering both the environments, the requirement for industrial network security has been found vastly different from that of IT.

Here are the three high-level approaches one must take in order to secure a SCADA and ICS system.

  1. Strengthen Parameter: You won’t have trouble convincing your IT administrator for isolating the industry network from that of the office using firewalls and DMZ. Nowadays it is a common security measure.
  2. Access Remotely: Permitting more than one person or machine to remotely handle maintenance jobs at plants could pose penetration threat to perimeter firewall from malware. To secure against such vulnerabilities, it is recommended that VPNs be used since IT sectors commonly use it too.
  3. Adopt Defense in Depth: ACSG Corporate elaborates the concept as a measure that is beyond security perimeter. It is to adopt defensive layers all around your industrial control network. This ensures protection against malware or unsought network traffic from breaching the perimeter. If not stopped, these can be contained by the defensive layers at other points in the SCADA and ICS system.

A SCADA system is very important role in industrial environments. It controls local and remote industrial processes. Interacts and controls machineries like valves, sensors, pumps, and more via HMI (Human-machine Interface) software. Helps monitor, collect, and process real-time data generated by the installed devices, which detects and records failure/error for better decision-making. A log file is created for this by recording events at regular intervals for systemized functioning.

ACSG Corp suggests the implementation of strong network security measures. Therefore, the top three high-end approaches of SCADA and ICS system security are advised to prevent cybercrime activities. Adopting defensive layers of protection, remote accessibility, and strengthened parameters are some of the proven methods to ensure industrial network securityal network security.


Bespoke Software Development- Another Potent Tech Weapon to Success!!!

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Immensely growing range of varied options in every sector demand distinct solutions and the bespoke software is the ultimate answer for all technologically versatile needs of a business. Owing to advanced level of innovations taking place continually across the globe in the commercial world, customization in almost every field has become more of a necessity rather than an add-on. Customized software or bespoke software, as it is commonly known in the tech space, is the need of the hour for every enterprise and is sought after by all entities today.

At ACSG Corporate, we absolutely understand this need for putting together a variety of unique features while developing software for our each of our prestigious clients. Our team of professionals, technical experts, domain managers and product coordinators get together to successfully bring all the distinct functionalities onto one single interface and remodel the features in such a way so as to build it exactly as per the client expectations.

Our team with its years of experience and well-channeled global exposure has the caliber to cater to some of the recognized technical entities of the business market and their professional skills, knowledge and exclusive training comes in handy for us to deliver timely and accurate products. Flexibility is at the core of any bespoke software development and since, this is exactly what ACSG excels at, we are able to serve our clients with that supreme edge over any of our competitors.

Our product development and engineering service line offers a full life cycle software development and engineering services to independent software vendors, systems companies and companies offering enterprise, cloud, web, social networking, media and mobile applications. Our services span product development, testing, technical support, implementation and sustaining engineering. Having experimented and innovated some of the brilliant ways to amalgamate certain highly difficult features together with a robust zeal to succeed and never give-up attitude, our team never falls short of the delivery target and is able to always perform better than before.

Bespoke software development, though a common art nowadays, is definitely something which cannot be mastered by one and all. It needs the necessary time and effort, adequate research and relevant experimentation strategy, which comes through experience, to reach to the right delivery pattern.

Running Smooth & Swift- Police Clearance Certificate Application by ACSG Corp.

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Police Clearance Certificate is often required by people for multiple purposes such as acquiring a passport etc. Undoubtedly, it’s a crucial document which every ordinary man needs at one point of time or the other. But at the same time it has been a rather tedious process acquiring one from the police. This is no more going to be the case with the advent of smart policing prevalent today, spreading across almost every state police body.

ACSG Corporate, furthering its quest for establishing excellence in the homeland security space, has successfully launched a web-app for issuing the police clearance certificate by the police. Yet another step towards digitization and automation of procedures, this app is extremely beneficial for both the public as well as the police bodies. While it shall move the people onto a convenient, hassle-free process for attaining the certificate, it’s likely to enable police to enhance its service delivery capacity as well.

Reducing time delays, possible bribery, promoting transparency in dealing and an organized process are among the major benefits of the app. People no longer need to visit the station premises, can actually get it all done within the comfort of their homes at just a click. The application is absolutely user friendly and saves time, money and efforts of all. It’s indeed reliable as it provides a digitally signed copy of the certificate to the user, valid anywhere in the jurisdiction of the state police. Making lives simpler and better is what ACSG aims at.

Prospering Digital India Drive with SMAC Technology’s Support

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Digital and SMAC are two of the major keywords taking the IT world by a storm with the latest technological innovations. The recent ‘Digital India’ initiative by the Government has progressively adopted the latest SMAC utility technologies for the successful implementation of digitalization in every major-minor sector of the country’s developing economy. The drive primarily centers around promoting a cutting-edge technology for enhancing the overall digital quotient of all government services and procedures for the mutual benefit of citizens and the administration together.

SMAC, consisting of key elements like Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, is the next generation, one-level up platform for establishing IT upgradation for future progress. Government with its digitized drive strives to target main areas such as Digital infrastructure utility, digital governance and services and complete digital empowerment of citizens. SMAC will basically prove to be a mobilizer in aiding the government to successfully realize its Digital India motif.

Digital Cloud has totally changed the way IT services were delivered on a large scale by way of facilitating smooth functioning with a shared or virtual infrastructure for storage. Mobile Governance inclusive of both e-commerce and m-commerce serve as a major outlook to digitize the country’s commercial market. Analytics and the big data drive are fast becoming the most useful aspect captured both by government or private sector and is counted as a high business priority today. The Social Platform catering adequate networking through popular social media portals is slowly taking the shape of a global campaign. It proactively connects the government to the people at large and serves as a powerful digital media for all.

This dream to implant a proper execution of this digital drive is still a goal far from being realized and the government as well as its appointed bodies is bent on realizing their dream at the earliest. We at ACSG Corporate. continually work towards bringing about unique and rare software, digital services & products and applications to help turn the Digital India design into a widely practiced reality. Together, Digital India with SMAC, are presenting a new and bigger opportunity to change the world for better technological transformation. Where proposing new techniques and technical ideas is one thing, their execution and implementation to the routine life is the ultimate objective to achieve. ACSG Corporate is a major driver in developing certain identifiable, affordable and customized digital systems for all its valued clients.

Singular Data Encryption Solutions by ACSG Corp.

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Data encryption majorly connotes the act of converting any electronic/ digital information into an indecipherable state by employing suitable algorithms or ciphers. It is highly essential in the crucial sectors like security, law enforcement and for other government bodies where all information is highly confidential and needs to be protected from the negative elements. This prevents the data from going into the wrong hands and resulting in disastrous consequences for our people and country as a whole.

We at ACSG Corporate, a renowned homeland security firm champion the cause of creating indigenous encryption software and applications which identifies, encrypts, directs and audits access to sensitive and regulated data on premises as well as in cloud file sharing and collaboration systems. We strive to deliver simple to use and manage and flexible tools to fulfill the respective requirements of small and large enterprises and other government entities.

While catering advanced technology to a varied customer segment, we keep in mind to generate specific, customized solutions as per the concerning issue and need of our valuable clientele.  With constant support from completely professional A-grade IT expert professionals, our software for data encryption provide hi-tech yet practical systems for desktops, laptops and other detachable remote storage devices. Having an upper hand in all security relevant software, ACSG Corporate. offers swift encryption and decryption modules at just one click to all its vital customers, often within time-tight schedules.

Malware analyzer, Expanding possibilities.


Corrupt or malicious software, popularly known as Malware, denotes the computer software which is formulated by any computer programmer using any computing language available with an intent to prove hazardous to the host operating system, to tamper with the confidential details of the users or companies. This sort of shady software is potentially dangerous to a business website or the other in-built softwares of a company and is also capable of harming the business module to a great extent. This problem of potential malware threats is extremely prevalent today and thousands of business entities are at the receiving end of this drastic situation.

It is imperative to first analyze, then detect the malware and eventually protect your website and software against it so as to eliminate any negative undesirable effects in the future. For the purpose, a thorough study is conducted by dividing the varied components and scrutinizing each one’s performance on the computer’s operating system; it is referred to as Malware Analysis. One dedicated homeland security firm is ACSG Corporate., catering ICT solutions, comprising of such efficient counter softwares, to all the security sensitive sectors such as the Government bodies, ministries, law enforcement bodies, oil & gas, power, telecom and financial bodies.

The malware analyzer is a brilliant software to detect any malware present in an organization’s technical system and eventually, helps to resurrect the damage already done by the bad software or files which have crossed the boundaries of an established security nodule. Increasing cyber crimes using malware has indebted most business entities to opt for certain specialized cyber security softwares to safeguard their best interests.  The malware analyzer collects and detects the malicious files, giving a complete analytic report on its entire working with the inherit flaws. It can also report all moral or immoral web activities of any suspicious URL, believed to be detrimental. This is surely one of the most vital technologies, highly beneficial in the progressively hi-tech yet conniving contemporary world.

SCADA Security is Easy

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SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is a system operating with coded signals over communication channels so as to provide control of remote equipment (using typically one communication channel per remote station). The control system may be combined with a data acquisition system by adding the use of coded signals over communication channels to acquire information about the status of the remote equipment for display or for recording functions. It is a type of industrial control system (ICS). Industrial control systems are computer-based systems that monitor and control industrial processes that exist in the physical world. SCADA systems historically distinguish themselves from other ICS systems by being large-scale processes that can include multiple sites, and large distances. There is some approach regarding security and risk.

ACSG’s integrated approach to security and risk offers unparalleled visibility into the security posture of corporate and SCADA infrastructures. Experienced SCADA security consultants assess and analyze the vulnerabilities of your SCADA systems. Then, gap assessment and remediation work can be performed, including the deployment of industry-leading preemptive security technologies that can protect your SCADA networks. Our SCADA security solution has been designed to meet cyber security needs without adversely impacting performance and availability as cited by objective third party.